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Autodesk introduced FBX Review for Apple Mac OS X and iOS7

3D Model

It is a free stand-alone program that contains various lightweight toolset through which professional artists and animators can perform comprehensive and timely reviews of 3D assets through desktops or mobile gadgets.

Now artists will be able to watch 3D assets through a strong feature set on the Windows or Apple platforms devoid of utilizing any commercial 3D animation software. As for example, a 3DS Max users get the ability to deliver an animation file to somebody who has set up FBX Review. The receiver will get complete lists of features for viewing the assets.

FBX Review comprises of the following improved features:

Support for ZIP files: Uncomplicated asset review having support for ZIP files enclosing both geometry and texture files. While opening a ZIP file, FBX Review automatically allots the textures, facilitating to simplify the review progression without baking textures.

Geometry cache support (desktop only): Support for geometry cache playback containing Maya cache, 3ds Max cache and the Alembic cache format. Geometry cache support is obtainable only on desktop versions of FBX Review.

Re-focus perspective camera: Reviewers will be capable of modifying the focus of the perspective camera through double tapping (mobile) or double-clicking (desktop) on the preferred area of focus.

Besides supporting OS X and iOS 7, FBX Review is also compatible with Window 7 and Windows 8.

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Autodesk FBX Review New Features:

Autodesk introduced FBX Review for Apple Mac OS X and iOS7