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3D Model Software

FreeX3D, newly launched software to view any cad models to Android smartphone

3D Model

FreeX3D allows 3D professionals to view their 3D models on the Android smartphone. The users can also shift, rotate or zoom in with a few simple steps.

FreeX3D is compatible with the most recognized CAD applications like Catia, AutoCAD , SketchUp Export, OpenSCAD, SoldidWorks or MATLAB. It can produce three-dimensional CAD models in VRML, X3D and STL on Android Smartphone dar.

Besides, the users can also convey the sample images concerning a model through email.

In order to avail the software, the users generally have to pay 0.71 euros in the German Google Play Store but presently it can be acquired at free of cost. The app can perform on Android smartphones version 2.2.

Download FreeX3D for Android

FreeX3D, newly launched software