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3D Character Art and Animation process becomes more superior with the arrival of Poser 11

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SmithMicro Software has introduced the most updated version of its 3d character art and animation software alias Poser 11. With Poser 11, the 3d modelers and designers will be able to organize their scene with realistic 3d elements as well as generate 3d art and animation in an efficient manner.

Both the standard and Pro versions of Poser 11 contain some advanced functionalities the SuperFly physically-based renderer that is based on Blender’s Cycles Render Engine. It facilitates the users to produce hyper-realistic illustration. Poser 11 includes a new rigging feature that offers smooth, weight-mapped linear translations of body parts.

Area lights are supposed to reproduce real world light sources in a more perfect manner and it is equivalent to a photographer’s “soft box” light. Caustics simulate the process for reflecting light and refracting in realtime, that facilitates representing the behavior of light on refractive and reflective surfaces precisely. A new Volumetric Materials feature results in simulating the way light operates within a translucent object, as for instances light procuring color in stained glass or being diffused in fog or smoke. Some other significant features are superior subdivision surface handling; constraining vertex weight painting to material groups; the ability to layer materials; and easier import and export of geometry files.

The Pro version is compatible with Nvidia CUDA GPUs for speedy rendering. It has capability to arrange a figure’s joint center to fit a radical morph and automatically generate the required dependencies; partial scene export; morph injection file export; subdivision-level morph targets; separate symmetry for rigging and posing; and game asset creation tools.

Poser Pro 11 for Mac and Windows are available on the Smith Micro site until November 30 for $349.99 (regularly $499.99). Poser 11 is priced at $139.99 (regularly $199.99).

Poser 11