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Some exclusive Master Classes on 3DS Max in New york city

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Participate with the live master classes on 3DS Max in New york city (Manhattan Autodesk office, 38 West 21st Street (9th Floor), New York, NY 10011. The classes will be held on SATURDAY JUNE 14TH at 10:00am – 5:30pm (Including 1-hour lunch break). The prices for individual classes vary from $100 for Non members and $80 for members.

In these master classes, local industry specialists and great 3D artists will highlight their skill sets, tips and tricks as well as their suggestions on resolving challenges associated with production house through 3DS Max. Every lecture based master class will continue for 90 minute which is undertaken to provide you particular topic information and steps to enhance your skills. There will be an exclusive open question and answer session for 15 minutes.

The attendees have to take notes and bring their own laptop. After successful completion of the course, each student will be able to obtain content form the mentor of the course.

Todd Daniele will perform as the course instructor and he will teach how to apply poly-modeling methods in 3DS Max.

In order to attend more than class, one has to pay for the additional classes.

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Some exclusive Master Classes on 3DS Max in New york city