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Impact of 3D printing towards Civil Engineering and Construction

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This was an extract from the panel discussion by the Innovation & Technology Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong on the impact of 3D printing technology for global construction industries.

Some exclusive demonstrations were presented on how 3D printing technology was reforming the healthcare, manufacturing, toy design, architecture, engineering and construction.

It is found that 3D Printing of models are utilized for building prototypes and scale models. These types of models can also be applied for design reviews and presentations to developers through architects because the models can be 3D printed rapidly and cost effectively.

Some leading contractors like Gammon Construction, implement 3D printing for planning of their works on site and transmission of construction sequences to civil engineers and site workers through scale models. In some cases, the contractors have utilized complete part models to evaluate steel connection details and E&M pipe assemblies.

In near future, additive manufacturing can be used for developing built assets. Some instances are laser metal deposition and contour crafting.

3D Printing for Civil Engineering and Construction