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Advanced Soil Mechanics, Fourth Edition – An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students

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The renowned writer Braja M Das has written an exclusive e-book Advanced Soil Mechanics (Fourth Edition). This book is specifically published for the students who are undergoing an introductory graduate level course.

Besides, it can also be treated as a good guide book for practicing professionals. The book contains 634 pages. The book is supported with nearly 80 tables, over 1,000 equations, and over 300 figures.

The book covers various crucial topics like mechanical and chemical stabilization of soils, geoenvironmental engineering, finite element application to geotechnical engineering, critical state soil mechanics, geosynthetics, rock mechanics, and others.

Soil mechanics belongs to the division of engineering that handles the engineering properties of soils as well as their behavior under stress.

There are 11 chapters in the book which range from “Soil Aggregate, Plasticity, and Classification,” “Stresses and Strains: Elastic Equilibrium,” “Stresses and Displacement in a Soil Mass: Two-Dimensional Problems,” “Stresses and Displacement in a Soil Mass: Three-Dimensional Problems,” “Pore Water Pressure due to Undrained Loading,” “Permeability,” “Seepage,” “Consolidation,” “Shear Strength of Soil,” “Elastic Settlement of Shallow Foundations,” and “Consolidation Settlement of Shallow Foundations.”

This latest edition evaluates the connections among the maximum and minimum void ratios of granular soils and takes into consideration the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) soil classification system. It sums up soil compaction methods and Proctor compaction tests.

It establishes new sections on vertical stress because of a line load of finite length, vertical stress in Westergaard material owing to point load, line load of finite length, circularly loaded area, and rectangularly loaded area.

The text briefly explains the basic ideas of compaction of clay soil for the building of clay liners in waste disposal sites as they pertain to permeability and includes new empirical correlations for overconsolidation ratio and compression index for clay soils.

It supplies supplementary information on the components impacting friction angle of granular soils, drained failure envelopes, and secant residual friction angles of clay and clay shale.

The author presents new relationships among field vane shear strength, preconsolidation pressure, and overconsolidation ratio of clay soils. He also rectifies and develops information on elastic settlement of shallow foundations, includes a precompression with sand grains, and demonstrates the parameters necessary for the computation of stress at the interface of a three-layered flexible system.

The book can be purchased from amazon online Advanced Soil Mechanics

Advanced Soil Mechanics, Fourth Edition – An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students