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Cost Estimating Tutorial

Application of Machine Plastering and Cement

This exclusive video tutorial is presented by technology. Automatic Wall Plastering Machine is multi-functional large output plastering machine, wall plastering machine has the combined functions of pumping, bonding and plastering.

Automatic Wall Plastering Machine is the plasterwork which is known as ornamentation done by plasterers on walls by manually in most parts of the world. The plasterwork needs more effort of humans and also consumes more time in manual process.

This is an intention to implement an innovative process with a development of “Automatic Plastering Machine”. Automation is one of the significant and evolving disciplines among all technologies. Our aim of this innovative idea is to render the plasters on walls automatically.

This idea aims in reducing the work of plasterer. It is feasible, light weight, inexpensive and simple structure comparing to the existing machine. This innovative process keeps up with the ever changing world of building automation.

Machine Plastering and Cement Purchase

Application of Machine Plastering and Cement