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Concrete Used in Construction

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Concrete is extensively used as a building materials all through the globe because of its powerful strength, stability, low-maintenance, energy-efficiency, sustainability.

Given below, a common application of concrete in the civil engineering field.

1. Concrete Dams: Due to extreme strength and unit weight, the concrete becomes very effective for building up various types of dams. The concrete has the capacity to resist the loads enforced on the dam owning to extreme water pressure.

2. Residential Buildings: The concrete is used as a major component in building up small buildings, villas as well as high-rise buildings with conventional or modern form-work as a method of construction for the skeleton varying from foundations to the slabs and the columns and beams.

3. Commercial Buildings: As compared to other construction materials, the concrete is safer to be applied in commercial buildings. It is less expensive than steel buildings and the maintenance work is less.

The concrete can be used to keep the heat under control when it is transmitted from inside to outside and in reverse which decreases the energy consumed.

4. Roads or Driveways: Concrete streets, pavements, and driveways are very long-lasting and harder than asphalt roadways. The concrete is widely accepted for the construction of roads & driveways for its longevity and less maintenance.

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5. Marine Construction: Concrete is also extensively used as a material for seawalls, jetties, groins, breakwaters, bulkheads, and other structures that are uncovered to seawater. The performance record is generally very satisfactory.

6. Culverts and Sewers: Due to its sturdy and long-lasting nature, the concrete is very effective for sewers and underground construction works. The special concrete mix is used to construct culverts, piers, foundation, and abutments.

7. Foundations: The foundation of high-rise or low-rise buildings is normally built up with reinforced cement concrete since it is long-lasting and contains a huge load-bearing strength.

8. Fences: The up-gradation in the precast concrete industry has made the industry of concrete fences. The production & installation of the fence components become rapid with precast as compared to the conventional system of concrete fence construction. Besides, it is good-looking and more attractive.

9. Concrete Bridges: The concrete is considered as the most important material for bridge construction due to the strength, stability, ductility, weather resistance, fire resistance, and long-lasting life cycle of reinforced concrete.

Several types of concretes like pre-stressed concrete, post-stressed concrete, self compacted concrete are applied in bridges construction.

Different applications of concrete in civil engineering