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How to balance a beam with equal loads

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This construction video tutorial is specifically created for civil engineering students.

In this video, the students can get a solution to the following problem :-

Suppose, a beam is supported at a distance of 3 meter from the left end and 2 meter from right end. It means that the beam is supported from one side. There is also 45 kg concentrated load at the left end of this beam.

Now, the problem is given as :-

What load should be provided at right end for balancing the beam?

Concentrated load stands for a load that operates on a very small area of the surface of the structure. It is used at a single point on a beam or structure. The two most vital features of a concentrated load in beam design belong to the magnitude of the force and the location where it is employed.

A concentrated load can induce a beam to deflect, or bend, when the force is employed. Concentrated loads play a vital role in mechanical engineering and design.

Watch the following video to have the solution.

Video Courtesy: SL Khan

How to balance a beam with equal loads