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Detail method for bar bending schedule of column in excel

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This construction video will teach you how to create bar bending schedule of column with the use of excel.

Given below, some useful notes on column :-

The column contains maximum moments at top & bottom and less at centre.

The column should not be jointed at top and bottom as the critical moment is extreme there. So, it is recommended to join the column at centre.

The bars in the column should be connected at 5 feet height because each roof should not be in excess of 10 feet.

Reduce the cutting of bar and lapping frequently as possible.

Always lap alternate bars at once. Always overlap top bars with bottom bars. Retain adequate end to end interval among the laps.

In the lower section of the column, there is footing. Then slab on ground is located along with slab 1, slab 2 and slab 3. Roof is situated at the top section.

The size of the column is taken as 300 x 600 mm
The clear cover in the column is provided as 40 mm
The clear cover in footing is provided as 50 mm
The clear cover in slab is provided as 30 mm
Dia of stirrups is given as 8 mm

To determine the cutting length of 20 dia bar, the following formula is used :-

Ld (development length) + (Footing Depth – Cover of footing – Main bar of footing – Distribution bar of footing) + Depth up to ground floor + 200 + (floor to floor height x 4) + (slab thickness x 3) + Ld – Two bends + One lap

After putting all the values, we get the following outcome :-

300 – (1500 – 50 – 25 – 25) + 600 + 200 + (3000 x 4) + (175 x 3) + (50 x 20) – (2 x 2 x 20) + (50 x 20) = 16945 = 16.945 meter

So, total length of 20 dia bar = Length x Nos = 19.945 x 4 = 67.78 m
Using the same formula, the cutting length of 16 dia bar can be determined.

To get more detail information on bar bending schedule in excel, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Engr Waseem Raja

Detail method for bar bending schedule of column in excel