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Bar Bending schedule for Footing Excel

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From a bar bending schedule (BBS) of a concrete footing, one will get the reinforcement details and the total steel quantity essential for the footing construction.

Bar Bending schedule is very important for the construction of high rise buildings. Huge amounts of steels are required to finish 10+ floor building. It becomes very complicated to order all the steel necessary for the entire construction simultaneously as it makes an issue regarding space and also steel is susceptible to erosion if it comes in contact with water (rain).

To get rid of this issue, high rise building places order for reinforcement (steel) according to the needs. Initially, they make the calculation of steel reinforcement in footings (steel quantities) [Bar Bending Schedule for footings], necessary for the construction of footings. After completion of footings they provide next order and so on.

In this civil engineering article, you will learn the process for creating BBS or bar bending schedule calculator in excel sheet for a rectangular footing to determine the cutting length and the numbers of bars for footing instantly.

The calculation is done on the basis of the following data :-

1. The size of footing = 1m x 1.2m
2. Distance of bar = 100 mm c/c
3. Footing cover = 50 mm

Cutting length of y-axis will be determined with the following formula :-

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Cutting Length = Length (Y-Axis) – (2 x cover) + (2 x height) – 4 Cover – Bend

The excel sheet contains the following details :-

Footing size : Length of X axis, Width of Y axis, Height

90 degree L, Diameter of bar, 90 degree band

Cover, Spacing, Cutting Length, X Axis Length, Y Axis Width

Numbers of bars: X Axis Length, Y Axis Width

To learn the detail calculation process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

How to create BBS calculator in excel of rectangular footings