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Slab Beam Reinforcement Details

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Beams are generally arranged with main reinforcement on the tension side for flexure and transverse reinforcement for shear and torsion.

Tension Reinforcement: The least tension reinforcement is expressed with the formula given below :-

As = (0.85bd/fy)
Where, As denotes Minimum quantity of tension reinforcement,
b denotes breadth of the beam,
d denotes effective depth,
fy denotes strength of reinforcement in N/mm2,
D = Complete depth of the member

The least tension reinforcement (As) should not remain under the value of (0.85bd/fy).

And the highest quantity of tension reinforcement should not be in excess of the value of 0.04bd.

Compression Reinforcement: Stirrups should be arranged with the compression reinforcement in beams for lateral restraint. The highest quantity of compression reinforcement should not go beyond 0.04bd.

Side Face Reinforcement: Just when the depth of web or rib in a beam surpasses 750 mm, the side face reinforcement of cross sectional area at the very least 0.01% of the web zone should be provided and dispersed in the same way on two appearances and the dividing of the bars should not exceed 300 mm thickness which one is smaller.

Tramsverse of Shear Reinforcement:

The least quantity of shear reinforcement is measured with following formula :-

Asv ≥ (0.4bSv/0.87fy)
Here, Asv means Total cross-sectional area of stirrups legs in shear.

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Sv means distance of stirrups across the length of the member.
b means the breadth of the beam or the web in a flanged member.
fy means characteristic strength of stirrups reinforcement that should not exceed 415 N/mm2.
For vertical stirrups, the highest spacing of shear reinforcement should remain under 0.75d and for inclined stirrups d is taken as 450.
The highest limit of spacing is 300 mm.

Slab Reinforcement Details: The details of slab reinforcement are given below :-

With adherence to IS 456:2000 Minimum Reinforcement in Slab is as follow :-

0.12% of Gross area(B*D) of slab, when HYSD, CTD bars are applied.
0.15% of Gross area (B*D) of slab, when mild steel bars are applied.
Generally, the slabs are designed for 1m length.
There, here B = 1m= 1000mm.
D = Overall depth of beam along with cover.
d = Effective depth of beam
d = D - cover - half diameter of main reinforcement.

Highest spacing of main bars in slab is 3d or 300mm whichever is less.
Highest spacing of distribution bars in slab is 5d or 450mm whichever is less.

Beam & Slab Reinforcement Details