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Beam Reinforcement Details

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The beams are categorized as follow :- On the basis of shape : Rectangular, T, L, Circular etc.
On the basis of the supporting conditions : Simply supported, fixed, continuous and cantilever beams.

On the basis of reinforcement : Singly reinforced and doubly reinforced.

Usually, a beam contains the following steel reinforcements :-

• Longitudinal reinforcement at tension and compression face.
• Shear reinforcements in vertical stirrups type or bent up longitudinal bars are placed.
• Side face reinforcement in the web of the beam is arranged if the depth of the web in a beam surpasses 750 mm. (0.1% of the web area and shall be allotted equivalently on two faces at a gapping not surpassing 300 mm or density of web whichever is fewer.

The cover in beams should be minimum 25 mm or not under the larger diameter of bar for all steel reinforcement along with links.

Nominal cover mentioned in Table 16 and 16A of IS456-2000 should be applied to fulfill the criteria of longevity.

To get more information, watch the following video.

Video Courtesy: Softcivil Solutions

Introduction to beam detailing