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Estimating Sheet

SO-Foundation 2.0 is a useful construction software for shallow foundation analysis

Construction Software

"Soil Office", the developer of geotechnical engineering software, has introduced So-Foundation version 2.0. This construction software measures bearing capacity of shallow foundation on the basis of both shear failure and settlement.

SO-Foundation calculates bearing capacity of shallow foundations considering both shear failure and settlement. In order to figure out shear failure, some useful methods like Hansen, Meyerhof, Vesic, Terzaghi and Eurocode are applied.


  • Intro to 20 soil layers.
  • Interrelation of soil parameters.
  • Information on the common ranges regarding input parameters.
  • Pressure isobars are estimated and produced below footings.
  • Bearing capacity of shallow footings (Spread, Continuous and Mat) is determined by various dimensions on the basis both shear failure and settlement (Elastic and Consolidation).
  • Determation of settlement similar to the acceptable pressure.
  • Computation of modulus of subgrade reaction.
  • Computation and creation of modulus of subgrade reaction contour on the footing surface.
  • Exporting occurs in MS Excel format.
  • Generation of calculation report containing adequate details.
  • Formation of profiles for the desired settings.

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Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations