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How to use bending moment calculator for measuring bending moment & shear force

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This free construction calculator can be operated online. It offers a useful software tool to measure bending moment and shear force at any phase of simply supported beam (devoid of overhangs) on the basis of point load, evenly allocated load, varying load and applied moments on the span or supports.

This construction calculator functions with equations of static equilibrium to calculate the reactions at the supports as well as calculate the values of shear force and bending moment at the desired phase. It also estimates the highest value of bending moment and the point of maximum bending moment which are subject to bending moment equation for the loading case.

How to use Bending Moment Calculator:

  • Sign Convention – The loads functioning upward are treated as positive and the same time the downward loads are considered as negative. Sagging bending moment is treated as positive and hogging as negative. The clock-wise moments are negative and anti-clockwise as positive.
  • All the distances are calculated with regard to the origin of axes obtained at the utmost left end of the beam. Input for all the distances should be in meter and load in kN. It provides the values of beam in kNm and SF in kN. At the time of using the load, remember that the loads should not remain outside the extent of beam.

  • You can instantly obtain the Bending Moment values at various stages of the beam, just by modifying the position of section “x”. But remember that the value of “x” must not surpass the span of beam.
  • To manage more than one load, choose the sum of the results of all the cases (with principle of superposition). The measured values are utilized for outlining bending moment diagrm.
  • The calculator is also ideal for locate the ordinates of influence line diagram for structures.

To make online calculation, go through the following link Bending Moment Calculator

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