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Benefits of Auto Level Surveying

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This construction video tutorial focuses on Auto Level Surveying. It is performed with auto level machine to determine the leveling of excavation, plinth level, road level, drain level etc.

An Auto Level stands for a Professional Leveling Tool extensively utilized in surveying. It is suitable for Contractors, Builders, Land Surveying Professionals, or the Engineer who require perfect leveling each time. AutoLevels can be set up quickly. They are user-friendly and save time and money on every construction project.

Given below, the detail advantages of Auto Level

• Auto level is very simple to operate.
• It is not necessary to modify staff reading in auto level since the actual reading is visible from the eyepiece.
• It is possible to modify the bubble from any side and any angle with any 3 screws accessible.
• The auto level contains an internal compensator mechanism to automatically rectify the line of sight.
• The measurement precision of the auto level is superior.
• It provides authentic results.
• Easy accessibility results in saving time and money.
• The price of the auto level is low and reasonable.

Equipments - For conducting auto level survey, the following equipments are required:

• Basemap;
• Auto level;
• Tripod (to mount the auto level);
• Rod (necessary to calculate ‘elevations’);
• Tape measure (long tape measures, 100 or 300 feet, work best);

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• Clipboard and pencils; and
• Digital camera (pictures are used to recognize features within your cross-sections).

Make sure to fully examine all the field equipments before carrying out your field work so that all equipments remain in perfect working order. Repairing and/or substituting the faulty field equipment before starting the field work will save huge time and money.

To learn the procedure of auto leveling, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: CE&T-Civil Engg & Technology

Benefits of Auto Level Surveying