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Benefits of raised floor system in construction

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Elevated floor system alias access floor system stands for a lifted structural floor that is positioned on a reinforced concrete slab.

They belong to metal constructions with pillars to retain the base of hidden floor; and also contain good height that is modifiable to any level.

There also exist a cooling system below the raised floor that draws in air from the rooms and distributes below.

The elevated floor system comprises of various panels which are set up on vertical changeable pedestals. The pedestals are settled on the concrete slab by means of adhesives or mechanical fixings.

Besides, the spacing among the elevated floor system and reinforced concrete slab underneath differs from 7.62cm (3inches) to 121.92cm (48inches) since the pedestals can be modified easily.

It is also known that the panel of raised floor system is consisted of cement or wood core clad in steel or aluminum and its size is 60.96cm by 60.96cm. The panels can be utilized with various flooring finishes like vinyl, linoleum, laminate, rubber, carpet and stone or ceramic tiles.

Floor Systems are best suited for the following areas :-

a. Computer rooms and other information technology spaces.
b. General open office areas.
c. Training and conference areas.
d. Exhibit spaces.
e. Support spaces for offices, including electrical closets, fan rooms, etc.
f. Clean rooms

Benefits of Raised Floor System

1. This type of floor system can deal with the issue of shear transfer over the diaphragm.
2. Raised floor system has good water resistance capacity.
3. It results in minimizing the construction cost in extreme seismic regions.

4. Raised floor system can perform as a high thermal mass base material for radiant heat systems which are circulated with hot air or hot water. Therefore, a raised flooring system is perfectly fit for heating and cooling a building.
5. The concrete surface is completed as a final floor finish as solicited by sealing, polishing, stamping, or staining. As a result, the additional cost required for covering floors will be curtailed.

6. Raised floor system is also useful for acoustic isolation.
7. In high wind prone areas, elevated floor system can enhance the lateral strength and stability of multistory building especially when it is incorporated with concrete roof system.
8. With raised floor system, fire is controlled to spread from floor to floor.

Benefits of raised floor system in construction