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Being a flooring contractor, if you want to estimate the expenses of a construction project, the best flooring estimating software is required.

In this post, we'll look at some of the best flooring takeoff software on the market for getting precise cost estimate for flooring projects.


eTakeOff is a comprehensive floor estimating software that allows you to quickly calculate all of your project's material requirements. You can easily receive correct flooring measurements and cost estimates, and you can also use it to estimate other things like electrical wiring and light bulbs.

You may also use this tool to set different scales on the same project, access a collection of speciality tools such as riser, joist, roll, hip/valley, grid, and more, and store features to a favourites list to save time when performing repetitive activities.

Download eTakeOff


PlanSwift is another best flooring estimating software that allows you to manage every part of your flooring takeoff project in a thorough and user-friendly manner. This software allows you to save time and money while still providing precise measurement data.

You may drag and drop material and labour aggregation into your takeoff, takeoff and make estimates with only a few clicks, and then export your project into Excel file formats with this software.

This software may be used for a variety of projects, including concrete, drywall, electrical, and plumbing, but for the purposes of this essay, we'll concentrate on PlanSwift's ability to handle flooring takeoff.

Because of the One-Click function, this floor estimating software is user-friendly. This estimating tool makes it simple to choose tile, carpet, hardwood, or laminate flooring, as well as measure the baseboard and nail band boundaries. You can also count, calculate, print, and convert your projects as takeoff files on your computer to receive extremely exact estimates.

Download PlanSwift

PreBuilt ML

Another extremely important software choice is PreBuilt ML, which allows you to simply deal with the takeoff of your flooring layout.

This application is very simple to use, and you can construct a custom database that has all of the information about the goods to be used for carpets, tiles, laminates, and wood floors as soon as you begin your project.

Once you've saved the database, you won't have to repeat the information entry process. It saves all of the data into a safe folder, giving you quick and easy access to your project's data.

PreBuilt ML also lets you import data from PDF, Jpeg, BMP, PNG, Jif, and Tiff files. You may easily export the files to all popular file formats once the measuring procedure is over and you have all of the essential costs and quantity estimates.

Download PreBuilt ML


Another excellent software option is FloorRight, which was created exclusively for dealing with flooring removal. This programme can speed up your flooring takeoff process, handle a large volume of work, and help you to respond to changes in the design and cost of your project.

The following are some of the highlights:

  • Can assess the materials required in a single room, a floor, or the overall construction design.
  • Tools that make it simple to draw on a computer screen.
  • You may quickly trace over the project by importing blueprints.
  • Estimates for patterned carpet or vinyl, tile patterns, and strip flooring can be automated.
  • Suggestions for ideal floor coverage based on mathematics
  • Moving and inserting seams, reversing direction, changing beginning positions, and so on are all possible.
  • Modeling in three dimensions
  • Tags can be added to walls, corners, and any other component in the building plan.
  • Calculates the perimeter of a room automatically.

Download FloorRight

Oasis Takeoff

OnCenter Software's Oasis Takeoff is a fantastic software tool that lets you to collect measurements, calculate, and estimate the amount and cost of all the materials you'll need for your project's flooring.

You can calculate every part of your estimations right from your computer screen with this software. You only need a few clicks and drags of your mouse to achieve professional results.

You may also use this all-encompassing programme to edit and manage all of the data you've obtained through measurement.

Oasis Takeoff also has the following qualities that are worth mentioning:

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - counts objects in your project automatically based on particular attributes.
  • Can choose and paste takeoff items based on distance, space, and directions.
  • It's possible to construct style sheets and templates, which eliminates the need to repeat operations.
  • When comparing, deleted items are highlighted in red, while newly added items are highlighted in blue.

Oasis Takeoff

Final Words

We looked at some of the greatest software choices on the market in 2019 that can help you streamline every element of the flooring takeoff process.

These software can assist you in quickly obtaining precise measurements and material estimates, as well as storing the data in a secure and conveniently accessible area. You can also use this type of software to create and save presets based on the number of materials required, the project's size, the project's type, and so on.

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