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Bridge Designer 2016 is a handy construction program for designing bridge structures

Engineering Encounters is the creator of Bridge Designer. It is formerly known as West Point Bridge Designer. This construction program is now upgraded to Bridge Designer 2016. This construction software can streamline the structural design of any bridge. By applying this software the structural engineers can easily design a steel truss bridge in the same way as any practicing engineer design actual highway bridges.

The structural engineers can obtain a best possible bridge design that maintains all the design specifications as well as achieves a simulated load test cost effectively.

Bridge Designer 2016 is obtainable in the following formats:

Bridge Designer 2016 for Windows - Requires Windows XP or newer.

Bridge Designer 2016 for Macintosh - Requires Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later.

Link for download Bridge Designer Software 2016

Bridge Designer Software 2016