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Importance of Bridge Elastomeric Bearing Pad in Bridge Construction

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An elastomeric bridge bearing is extensively used in modern bridge bearing. Several types of bridge bearings are available which range from neoprene bearing pads, neoprene bridge bearings, laminated elastomeric bearings and seismic isolators.

These are all normally referred to as bridge bearing pads in the construction industry.

Bridge flexibility can be properly maintained by a constituent known as bridge elastomeric bearing pad. It is usually formed with a strong and elastic material like neoprene — a sort of heavy-duty industrial rubber.

These pads are provided among the superstructures like the bridge beam and substructures similar to the vertical supports known as piers. Their main purpose is to allocate superstructure loads to the substructure and facilitate the superstructure to endure required movements in irregular environmental conditions devoid of generating any destructive stresses that leads to destroy the structural integrity of the bridge and as a result the bridge may fall down.

Bearing pads are mainly utilized to sop up compressive forces, destructive effects of shock and vibration. Besides, It expands the life of bridges by minimizing deterioration on bridge materials.

The pads facilitate the governments to save significant money by lingering the replacement of bridges.

As bridge elastomeric bearing pads are important for a secure and cost-effective bridge design, they are expansively prototyped and tested prior to be utilized in production.

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They are designed and manufactured depending on the standards and specifications of such organizations as British Standard, AASHTO, and European Norms En 1337.

Internal structure comprises of a sandwich of mild steel shims and rubber moulded as one unit.

Elastomeric bearing pads provide most economical solution for developing large span bridges and buildings.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

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Importance of Bridge Elastomeric Bearing Pad in Bridge Construction