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Brief explanation of 1.54 in concrete

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This construction video tutorial is very useful for Civil Engineering students. The video will briefly explain 1.54 factor in concrete at time of making calculation for converting wet volume to dry volume.

Volume of one cube contains length×width×height = 1 x 1 x 1 = 1 m3(wet volume)

If we transform wet volume into dry volume, then the dry volume is raised by 54% of wet volume.

Therefore, Dry volume = Wet Volume = 54% of wet volume = 1+(54/100×1)=1.54 m3

The proportion of Dry concrete to wet concrete is 1.54 : 1

This is applicable in estimation of the mix design calculations for concrete.

Watch the following video to get full demonstration.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

Brief explanation of 1.54 in concrete