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Brief overview of aerated concrete

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Aerated concrete contains cement or sand mortar containing gas that is provided within the mix either chemically or with foaming agents.

It is applicable for structural or non-structural purpose.

Removal of coarse aggregate out of the mix and development of a large number of voids inside the thermal structure reduces the density of the material.

The extreme porosity inside the concrete minimizes the density.

It is developed as in-situ or precast.

The use of autoclave curing process produces a robust product with superior dimensional strength.

On the basis of production method, there are two types of aerated concrete like foamed concrete (non-autoclaved aerated concrete or NAAC) and Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC).

Foamed Agent: Foam agent is applied to procure foamed concrete. It is also called as air entraining agent. After addition of the foam agents into the mix water, discrete bubbles cavities are formed and these are integrated in the cement paste.

Foamed concrete: Foamed concrete is produced either by pre-foaming process or mixed foaming process. Pre-foaming process contains the separate production of a base mix cement slurry (cement paste or mortar) and solidly preformed aqueous (foam agent with water) and then the through mixing of this foam into a base mix.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: It is formed with fine aggregates, cement and an expansion agent that motivates the fresh concrete to grow like bread dough. It comprises of 80 percent air.

# Density and Strength
It has different density that ranges from 300 to 1800 kg/m3 with reference to 2300 kg/m3 for traditional concrete.
Lower strength & density as compared to normal concrete.
Increase in density results in enhancing the strength of the aerated concrete.
Properties of this concrete fluctuates as per mix ratios and the manufacturing process.

# Benefits of aerated concrete
Design becomes inexpensive due to low density.
Save material usage and minimize the cost.
It can be cut and swan similar to timber.
Multipurpose and smooth renovation work can be done.
It is non-combustible and fire-proof.

Superior sound insulation capacity.
It has low construction cost and easy construction process in a shorter period.
It can be used for non-structural purpose.

Brief overview of aerated concrete