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Brief overview of plastic formworks for concrete

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The plastic formworks for concrete construction is considered as the most superior construction material in terms of strength, cost and flexibility as compared to other materials used in concrete formworks.

With formworks, the newly arranged concrete can be retained at its position unless it gains sufficient strength. Besides, formworks allow to manipulate concrete effortlessly as well as build up different types of shapes and forms.

The formworks can be produced with various types of materials like timber, steel, and aluminum other than plastic which provide huge benefits.

Sufficient time is required to make the construction of formworks. Usually, about 20 to 25% of the total cost of the structure is spent on formworks. It is one of the vital factors that impact the success of construction of any structure in the form of cost, quality and speed.

The formworks offer the following benefits in Concrete Construction.

Though form work is not a permanent construction, but proper care should be taken to get rid of damages of permanent construction. The formwork design and construction of formworks are based on the following three principles:

• Safety: It relies on the formwork strength significantly. If the formwork is not supported with sufficient strength, it can be collapsed anytime.
• Quality: Concrete shape as well as the quality of final finished surface of concrete element should be perfect.
• Economy: The structural frame considered as the most vital factor throughout construction, refers to most essential cost component.

Benefits of Plastic Formworks in Concrete Construction

Formworks involve large labor force and total cost of the project. For this reason efforts are made to set up a formwork system that is inexpensive and assembled, disintegrated and managed easily by labor.

The plastic formworks can bring the following benefits in concrete construction:

• Economic
• Labor friendly
• Eco friendly
• Low maintenance
• Versatile

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Brief overview of plastic formworks for concrete