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Brief overview of reinforced cement concrete

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Reinforced cement concrete alias R.C.C is formed by combining the ordinary concrete with the reinforcement to significantly improve its compressive and tensile strength.

Objective of Reinforcement in Concrete: It is already known that concrete is very high in compressive strength, but it is weak in tensile strength. Therefore, when only the compressive loads are operative on the concrete surface then it is not necessary to utilize reinforcement in it.

But where tensile forces are present, as for instance in beams and slabs, failure may happen if plain concrete is applied.

Steel contains a very high tensile strength as well as high compressive strength.

Therefore, when the two (concrete and steel) are merged collectively, a strong material of construction is produced with the capability of defending all the three types of forces like compressive loads, tensile stresses, and shear forces which may operate on a structure. Such a material is recognized as Reinforced Cement Concrete.

It is very useful and consistent in engineering construction.

Nature of Reinforced Cement Concrete:

The main theory in developing the reinforced cement concrete is to produce a structural material within which

(i) Steel assists in withstanding the main tensile stresses;
(ii) concrete withstands the main compressive forces, both operating in complete unison;

Benefits of Reinforced Concrete (RCC).

Discussed below, some vital properties of Reinforced Concrete.

(i) Structures which are built up from Reinforced Concrete are long-lasting.
(ii) It contains a superior compressive strength (because to concrete).

(iii) It contains high tensile strength (because of reinforcement).
(iv) It has good resistance capacity against fire and other weather changes.
(v) It is easily accessible almost anywhere in the globe.
(vi) Sound knowledge is not essential for dealing with it, a normal skilled labor can also perform it.
(vii) It can be molded in any form, shape.
(viii) It is utilized in different sections of the structure ranging from foundation to the top roofing.

(ix) It requires fewer repairing costs.
(x) It is very inexpensive as compared to other materials.

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Brief overview of reinforced cement concrete