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Detailed guidelines on setting out of building & check reference point of a building

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn what is setting out plan of a building as well as reference point and how to verify reference point of column.

It will help to examine whether the column is situated in exact position or not. If is not in exact position, then how much it is tilted or moved and in what direction.

When any plan is generated, it is necessary to check the alignment of the plan and determine the diagonal of the plan.

Setting out of building means the method of building up the physical positions of corners and walls of a building, and it's performed by assigning dimensions from the layout plan (also known as setting out plan, demarcation plan) to the ground.

The setting out is done for the following purposes :-

While going to construct a new house
While remodeling an existing building specifically an extension
The centre line method of setting out is mostly recognized and undertaken.

Method of setting out: Setting out is performed on the principle of whole to part. As per this principle, the biggest probable rectangle of the building is detected and set out. The rectangle is again segregated into small part (interior rooms).

The initial task is to ascertain a parallel/reference/base line to which all other line are associated. It can be acquired along a prevailing building adjacent to the projected new structure/boundary wall if existing/kerb line etc.

Watch the following video to get more details.

Image Courtest: Tutorials Tips

Detailed guidelines on setting out of building & check reference point of a building