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Construction MCQ Questions and Answers

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In this exclusive civil engineering notes, objective type building construction questions and answers are provided for interview & entrance examination.

Q.) A wooden block that rests on a post outer side of a door, is called

Ans.) Cleat

Q.) A window that is arranged in flat roof of a room, is defined as

Ans.) Lantern Window

Q.) Weed holes found in retaining & breast walls to serve the purpose

Ans.) To move off the water from the filling

Q.) The triangular space created among the extrados and the horizontal line through the crown of an arch is called

Ans.) Spandril

Q.) The concrete slump required for beams and slab; should be

Ans.) 30 to 125 mm

Q.) The bearing strength of a water logged soil is increased by

Ans.) Draining the soil

Q.) When the depth of an excavation is 20 m, the number of single stage well points to be set up at different levels, should be

Ans.) 3

Q.) To build up a partition wall with density 10 cm, the preferable bond should be

Ans.) Stretcher Bond

Q.) In a colar beam roof

Ans.) A horizontal tie exists at almost the centre of rafters only

Q.) The floor is polished with oxalic acid, for making its surface

Ans.) Glossy

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Q.) Cavity wall is normally required for

Ans.) Heat insulation, sound insulation and avoidance of dampness

Q.) In soils with low bearing strength, the type of foundation normally provided, is

Ans.) Column footing, grillage footing and raft footing

Q.) The part of a brick cut across the width is known as

Ans.) Bat

Q.) If it is required to design & supervise a truss for a factory with spans 6 m to 9 m. The type of the truss to be utilized

Ans.) King post truss

Q.) The raft slab is provided beyond the exterior walls of the structure by

Ans.) 30 to 45 cm

Q.) The type of footing that should be applied to transfer heavy loads through steel column

Ans.) Grillage foundation

Q.) Safe bearing strength of black cotton soil differs from

Ans.) 5 to 7.5 t/m2

Q.) The member that is provided horizontally to provide support to common rafter of a sloping roof, is known as

Ans.) Purlin

Q.) The entrained concrete should be utilized in lining walls and roofs for creating

Ans.) Heat insulated and sound insulated

Q.) The ceiling height of a building should be

Ans.) Between ceiling and floor level

Q.) In verandah alias corridor the outward slope the floors should be

Ans.) 1 in 60

Q.) The supplementary piles which are provided to enhance the strength of the supporting loads on vertical piles are called

Ans.) Raking piles

Q.) The sum of tread and rise should remain between

Ans.) 400 to 450 mm

Q.) The number of steps in a flight normally should not be lower than

Ans.) 3

Q.) The taper of precast concrete pile should not be in excess of

Ans.) 2 cm per metre length

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Building Construction Objective Questions and Answers