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Building Estimation with Centerline & Separate Wall Method

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In this construction article, detail information is given on the building estimation methods. The estimation methods involve the followings:

One room building :-

Concrete work done in foundation (centerline and separate wall method)

Brickwork in footing (centerline and separate wall method)

Brickwork in walls (centerline and separate wall method)

Two rooms building: Concrete work in foundation (center line and separate wall method)

Center line method: The purpose of center line method is to work out the quantities of numerous items found in a building which range from earth work in excavation, concrete in foundation, brick work in foundation and plinth, brick work in super-structure, etc.

This method is very effective since it produces exact and swift estimates. This method is suitable for measuring the circular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc. shaped buildings. This method can also be applied for walls containing similar cross sections.

Under this method, the lengths at center lines of all walls are calculated. Total length of all long walls with equivalent size and likewise short walls with equivalent size and type of foundation are calculated and the total length is multiplied with breadth and height or depth of wall to determine the total quantities. In this case, total lengths are similar in various types of calculations i.e., in foundation, in all steps of footings and in superstructure.

Separate wall method: Under this method, the exterior lengths of walls moving in one direction out to out are initially selected from the submitted drawings and then inside lengths of wall moving in transverse direction are captured into in. The lengths are then multiplied with width and height or depth to determine the quantities.

It is suggested to draw plan of individual wall at foundation level and handle each one independently.

Measurement of brick masonry in foundation is performed discretely for each step as width of each step fluctuates. Offsets of the exterior walls in foundation masonry are included and in case inner walls deducted. So, it is found that the long walls slowly reduce in length whereas short walls rise in length from foundation to superstructure. It is considered as simple and perfect method for computing the different quantities of items.

To learn more about building estimation method, go through the following presentation

Building Estimation with Centerline & Separate Wall Method