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“Building Materials in Civil Engineering” – A useful reference book for construction & civil engineers

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“Building Materials in Civil Engineering” is an exclusive construction book edited by H.Zhang. The book is very useful for Civil and Structural Engineers, construction engineering as well as water supply and drainage engineers.

The book contains total 432 pages. The book is supported with various Pdf documents.

The construction of buildings and structures mainly depends on the utilization of proper building materials. So the building contractors must have clear and concise ideas on selecting these building materials for developing secure, well-organized and lifelong buildings, structures and dwellings.

The building contractors can get familiar with various types of existing building materials for civil engineers and other construction professionals associated with the building and construction industries.

In the beginning, there is an introductory chapter that highlights the basic properties of building materials.

The following chapters describe the basic properties of building materials, air hardening cement materials, cement, concrete, building mortar, wall and roof materials, construction steel, wood, waterproof materials, building plastics, heat-insulating materials and sound-absorbing materials and finishing materials.

In every chapter, there is a series of questionnaire to clear any confusion of the readers. Besides, there is an exhaustive appendix that provides information on the testing of building materials.

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Building Materials in Civil Engineering
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