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CalcPad – A powerful tool for mathematical and engineering calculations

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Proektsoft has developed CalcPad, a professional software that is specifically designed for mathematical and engineering calculations. It is a user-friendly and programmable calculator.

The engineers as well as other professionals can utilize this software to accomplish various types of tedious calculations and contain them into official documentation like calculation notes. It is also very effective for the teachers to organize examples, papers, manuals, books etc. The program can also provide good assistance for the students to resolve problems and execute home works etc.

Online Library: There are more than 100 programs for geometrical properties, structural analysis and design to Eurocode. Locate your program, provide input data, compute and print.

Online Calculator: The software contains advanced programmable engineering calculator supported with real and complex numbers, custom variables and functions, graphing and numerical methods.

Desktop Version: Download CalcPad Pro and produce your own programs. Just provide formulas and 'comments' and obtain a professional Html report.

Download a 30-days free trial version by clicking on the following link

Video Source: GrSoft Structural Engineering

CalcPad – A powerful tool for mathematical and engineering calculations