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Estimating Sheet

FlexBeam is a useful construction app to estimate the stress and deflection of beams

Construction Software

FlexBeam is an easy-to-use calculator for beam analysis specifically for stress and deflection. The construction app supports spreadsheet based calculation to transparently see which load was estimated last.

This estimating program applies tabulated formulas for common beam configurations. Besdes, it includes several other methods like the area-moment method, Castigliano’s energy method, direct integration, Macaulay’s method, Myosotis method etcetera.

FlexBeam is available with two version FlexBeam Pro and FlexBeam Lite. FlexBeam Pro offers complete functionality. Given below, some useful features of FlexBeam Pro and Lite :

  • four diverse types of beam support
  • automatic measurement of the second moment of area toward several beam cross-sections
  • numerous standard profiles (IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, UBP, UB, ASTM, UC, PFC etc)
  • entering a recognized second moment of area
  • controlling a materials selection list
  • concurrent loads
  • metric units and imperial units

  • estimation for maximum beam deflection, stress and slope
  • computation of the beam deflection, stress and slope at any preferred position
  • graphic illustration of the elastic line
  • copying all recorded data and estimate results to the Windows clipboard
  • saving the last calculation
  • help function
  • languages English and Dutch.

This construction program is compatible with Windows or under Linux using Wine.

Link for download Calculate Beam Deflection with FlexBeam

Calculate Beam Deflection with FlexBeam