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How to calculate reinforcement in foundation & column

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This construction video tutorial will provide detailed guidelines on how to calculate reinforcement in column and footing.

Footing contains the lower end of a column, pillar or wall. Footings are built up to retain the applied loads, moments and forces as well as the induced reactions and to verify that any probable settlement shall be as consistent as possible and the safe bearing ability of soil is not surpassed.

In this video, the dimensions for a sample column footing drawing is taken as 3000 mm and 3000 mm. The size of the column is 300 mm and 300 mm.

The cross section of the column is given as follow :-

Width is 300 mm. The dimension of main concrete is 100 mm. Center to center distance among two bars is 200 c/c.

The dia of main bar and distribution bar is 12 mm. The height is 3 m or 3000 mm from plinth level to height of the column.

Based on the above information, the calculation is made.

To learn the complete calculation process, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

How to calculate reinforcement in foundation & column