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How to calculate the amount of binding wire in rebar

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The purpose of binding wires is to retain the rebar throughout construction. Binding wires are utilized for fastening rebars to clasp the structure together.

The main and distributional reinforcement rebars are sustained jointly with annealed wire that is formed with mild steel.

Binding wires are developed with the method of annealing that makes them flexible, soft and strong enough. The diameters vary from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm.

TATA Tiscon introduces ready-made binding wires namely Tata Wiron Binding Wire. Given below, the benefits of ready-made machine produced binding wires for construction :-

• Invariable diameter with adherence to IS codes
• Consistent Strength and ductility
• Soft and flexible to manipulate easily and strong enough to retain the rebars

The quantity of binding wires is based on type of structure and type of bar. For heavy structure, large quantity is required whereas minimum quantity is required for light structure.

If the diameter of the main bar is raised, the quantity of binding wire will be reduced. But if the diameter is reduced, the quantity of binding wire will be increased.

Based on the previous experience and thumb rules, the quantity of binding wire can be determined.

It is generally found that per 1000 kg (1 Ton), the amount of binding wire is 9 to 13 kg. As per industry practice, the quantity of binding wire fluctuates from 7 to 13 kg per 1000 kg (1 tonne) of steel. The difference occurs due to the variance in bar diameter.

To simplify the process, a nice example with solution is provided in the video.

Example: Work out the quantity of binding wire necessary for 80,000 kg of steel reinforcement.
Solution: Choose the average value of 9 to 13 kg i.e 9+13 = 22/2 = 11 kg per 1000 kg.
Total amount of binding wire = 11 kg /1000 kg x 80,000 kg = 880 kg

In this regard, watch the following video tutorial presented by renowned engineer S.L. Khan.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to calculate the amount of binding wire in rebar