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Estimating Sheet

How to calculate the materials for a circular RCC water tank

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This construction video tutorial demonstrates the detailed method to compute the materials toward a circular RCC water tank. Here estimation is performed for cement (as binding material), sand, crushed stone (as coarse aggregate) and steel for specified circular water tank.

While building up the concrete structure for the preservation of water and other liquids the resistance capacity of concrete is the most vital factor. The absorbency of any undeviating and comprehensively compacted concrete of specified mix proportions is primarily based on water cement ratio.

If the water cement ratio is raised, the absorbency power of concrete is also increased. The reduction in water cement ratio may result in dropping the absorbency capacity. If the water cement ratio is reduced significantly, it can lead to compaction problems and come about harmful also.

Design of liquid retaining structure should be dependent on the circumvention of cracking in the concrete in relation to its tensile strength.

To get rid of cracking, thick timber shuttering should not be used at it stops the smooth transition of heat of hydration out of the concrete mass.

The possibility of cracking is also reduced by limiting the restraints on free expansion or contraction of the structure.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to calculate the materials for a circular RCC water tank