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How Much Does a Steel Beam Weight?

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This construction video tutorial by Sami Ullah shows the method for estimating steel weight for different types of structural elements like beam, slab and column.

You have to initially find out the density of steel i.e. 7850 Kg/m3

Based on this you have to calculate the unit weight of steel for different types of structural elements.

There is another formula to find out the unit weight of steel for 1 meter :-

Given below, the cross section of a beam :-

The length of the beam is given as L = 14 ft
There are four steel bars in the beam
The diameter of each steel bar is 12 mm

To find out the weight of steel for this beam, apply the following formula :-

12x12/162 = 0.88 Kg/m

So, this is the unit weight of steel for a beam having 1 meter length.

To find the total weight of steel in kg, apply the following formula.

At first convert the length to meter i.e. 14/3.28 = 4.26 m (1m = 3.28 ft)

So, length of one steel bar = 4.26 m

For 4 steel bars we get = 4.26 x 4 = 17.04 = 17 m (total length of steel)

Therefore total weight of steel = Unit weight x RL (running length)
0.88 x 17 = 14.96 Kg

Video Source: Civil Engineers

Some useful tips to calculate total weight of steel for a beam