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Simple method to create BBS of column & measure weight of steel in excel

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In this civil engineering video tutorial, you will be familiar with some easy to follow steps for creating bar bending schedule of column as measuring the weight & quantity of steel in a column quickly through excel program.

Bar is any type of rebar which is used as reinforcement in RCC. The bar may be a Mild Steel bar or HYSD bar or TMT Bar. Bar Bending Schedule means “Measurement of the total Steel necessary for the construction of a building” The concrete is reinforced with steel and for tension requirements. BBS facilitates to determine the quantity of steel necessary for construction & the quantity of steel to be ordered.

In Bar bending schedule, the bars are arranged for every structural units (Beams or columns or slabs or footings etc) and detailed list is created that indicates the Bar location (Bar in footings, slabs, beams or columns), Bar Marking (to specify the bar in reference to the drawing), Bar Size (length of the bar used), Quantity (No. of Bars used), Cutting length, Type of Bend and Shape of the bar in reinforcement drawings.

Given below, some useful formulas which are essential to create BBS of column.

Length of Vertical bar = Development length (Ld) + Height of Ground Level + Floor Heights (1,2,3)+ Slab Thicknesses + Overlap Length (Det.B)

Required Lapping Length = 50d = 50 * Diameter of the bar

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Length of one hook = 9d
Cutting length of stirrup = Perimeter of stirrup + Number of bends + Number of hooks
Number of required stirrups = (Total length of column/spacing of stirrups)+1
Standard Length of the Steel Bar = 12m or 40 feet
Weight of bar for length (1m) = D2/162
Density of steel = 7850 Kg/m3

Bar Bending Member - Percentage
Slab - 1% of total volume of concrete
Beam - 2% of total volume of concrete
Column - 2.5% of total volume of concrete
Footings - 0.8% of total volume of concrete

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Vidoe Source: Unite Constructions And Unite Coaching

Simple method to create BBS of column & measure weight of steel in excel