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Download excel sheet for making calculation of brick, concrete, plaster, tile

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Brick Masonry: The length to breadth ratio of brick is 2 but height may vary.

Normal size (nominal size) 9”x4½”x3”

Architectural size (Working size) 8 1 ⅟16”x4⁵⁄₁₆”x 2 1 ⅟16”

Brick Masonary means the art of placing bricks in mortor in a perfect systemic way to provide consistent mass as well as resistant forces devoid of disintegration.

Brick Sizes: A standard metric brick has coordinating dimensions of 225 x 112.5 x 75 mm (9”×4½”×3“) which is known as nominal size and working dimensions (actual dimensions) of 215 x 102.5 x 65 mm (8.5“ 4 2.5) is known architectural size.

The coordinating dimensions refer to the calculation of the physical space engrossed by a brick together with the mortar necessary on one bed , one header face and one stretcher face.

The working dimensions mean the sizes to which manufacturers will try to develop the bricks.

Methods of manufacture for various units and components should be maintained in such a manner that the final piece contains the desired size but it can remain within the settled limits.

It happens because of various factors like shrinkage, distortion when drying out, firing etc. The variation among the working and coordinating dimensions of a brick is 10mm (0.5“) and this variation occurs with the layer of mortar into which the bricks are pressed at the time of being placed.

The working dimensions are defined as the nominal size of a brick.

Mortar Joints
Mortar that is arranged horizontally under or on the top of a brick is defined as a bed.
Mortar that is arranged vertically among bricks is known as a perpend.

Masonry Wall Requirements - A masonry wall should have the following properties :

Sufficient strength to support imposed loads

i) Adequate water tightness
ii) Adequate visual privacy and sound transmission
iii) Exact fire resistance
iv) Capability to adapt heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing equipment
v) Capability to obtain several finish materials cost.
vi) Capability to provide openings like doors and window.

Download the following excel sheet useful for making calculation concerning construction works, brick masonry work, concrete work, plaster work, tile work etc

Download excel sheet for making calculation of brick, concrete, plaster, tile