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Slab Culvert Estimate in Excel

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In this useful lecture, renowned engineer Waseem Raja, briefly describes the process for making calculation of slab culvert in excel sheet.

Given below, the details of slab culvert :-

Slab culvert is also called bridge culverts. It comes as three-sided, or just a deck slab implanted in the soil on either side. It develops a bridge over the distance.

Normally, a series of slabs are placed to build up a bridge-like structure, and a pavement surface is provided on top to function as the road.

The standard span length varies from 8’ to 48’.

In slab culverts, there are no bottom slabs, therefore the flow of water remains natural as well as bottom substrate stays integral.

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There are no sharp corners in slab culverts so the safety of high-velocity vehicles is unaffected.

Slab culverts can substitute box culverts when no artificial flooring is required.

It arranges a crossing over small streams and physical obstructions.

Download RCC Slab Culvert in Excel

To learn how to make the estimate of slab culvert, go through the following video presentation.

Video Source: Engr WASEEM RAJA

Calculation of slab culvert in excel