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Estimating Sheet

How to estimate the strength of reinforced concrete beam

Construction Software

This is a useful calculator to measure the strength of rectangular section concerning a reinforced concrete beam (singly or doubly reinforced). This calculator also verifies least steel required for managing cracks and for balanced section.

The calculator can be utilized for both FPS/US Customary units or SI/Metric units.

The calculator is created on the basis of following assumptions adhered to ACI (American Concrete Institute) for the stability of RC beam :

  • Utmost compressive strain in concrete is identical to 0.003
  • Tensile Strength of Concrete is not considered.
  • Strain deviates linearly across the depth concerning the cross section.
  • Steel stress deviates linearly as far as it yields and be constant yielding further.
  • While using this construction calculator, the users should adhere to ACI guidelines for beam thickness, rebar spacing and cover etc.

This calculator is ideal for measuring the minimal bending moment strength of reinforced concrete beam with rectangular shape. This estimating calculator can also estimate the strain within the laters of rebar to find out either steel has yielded or not.

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How to estimate the strength of reinforced concrete beam