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How to design cantilever retaining wall and its all parts

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This construction video tutorial is created on the topic of cantilever retaining wall and its all parts like stem, toe, heel slab as well as the examination of strength. Learn how to design both cantilever retaining walls and counterfort retaining walls.

The cantilever retaining wall is applicable if the height is less than or equal to 5.5 meter. On the other way, counterfort retaining wall is perfect if the height surpasses 5.5 meter.

Cantilever wall are generally made with reinforced concrete and function on the standards of leverage.

a. Contain much feebler stem, and employ the weight of the backfill soil to withstand sliding and overturning in an efficient manner.
b. General type of earth- retaining structure.
c. The cantilever retaining wall (“cantilever wall”) is built with reinforced Portland-cement concrete (PCC).
d. Earth slopes and earth retaining structures are applied to sustain two different ground surface elevations.

A counterfort retaining wall is similar to a cantilever wall that contains counterforts, or buttresses. It is affixed with the inside face of the wall to also withstand lateral thrust.

The objective of retaining walls is to withhold the soil at a slope that is in excess of it would usually take on, generally at a vertical or near vertical position.

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How to design cantilever retaining wall and its all parts