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How to measure a building in excel with centre line method

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the detail processes to make estimation of any building in excel with center line method.

In this video, estimation is done for the ground level of the building.

Assume, there are three rooms with dimensions 4x5, 3x3, 3x5 (the first one is horizontal dimension and the second one is vertical dimension). The calculation is based on these dimensions.

Before starting, you should have clear ideas on center line method.

Under this method, total length of centre lines of walls (long & short) should be determined.

Obtain the total length of centre lines of walls of similar type with similar type of foundations & footings and then get the quantities by multiplying the total centre length with the corresponding breadth and height.

Under this method, the length will be unchanged for excavation in foundations, for concrete in foundations, for all footings, and for superstructure (with slight variation for cross walls or number of junctions).

This method is very fast but needs special attention & considerations at the junctions, intersection point of partition or cross walls.

This method is effective for rectangular, circular polygonal (hexagonal, octagonal) buildings without inter or cross walls.

For buildings with cross or partition walls as well as each junction, half breadth of the corresponding item or footing should be deducted from the total center length.

For a building containing one partition wall or cross wall with two junctures, deduct one breadth of the corresponding item of work from the total centre length.

If there are various types of walls in the buildings, every set of walls should be managed individually. Obtain the total centre length of all walls of one type and continue as similar way as above. In the same manner, obtain the total centre length of walls of second type and manage this individually.

Assume, the exterior walls (main walls) belong to A type and inside cross walls belong to B type. Then all A type walls should be considered together individually.

Under such circumstances, no deduction is required for A type walls, but when B type walls are selected, for every junction deduction of half breadth of A type walls (main walls) should be constructed from the total center length of B type walls.

At corners of the building where two walls are intersected, no subtraction or addition is necessary.

For live demonstration of centre line method, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civiconcepts

How to measure a building in excel with centre line method