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Some vital check lists for plastering work

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While doing plastering work, consideration should be given on the following check list.

This checklist is created in the excel format. In the head section of the check list, there are several items like Project Number, Client’s Name, Report No., Location Of Work, Inspection Date, Ref. Drawing No., Starting And Completion Date Of Work etc.

In body part, there exist items like serial number, description of activity and remarks.

The following points should be considered prior to commencement of plastering :-

The materials which will be applied in plastering should be examined properly and sanctioned.

Surface should be cleansed over which the plastering will be applied.

All the concrete surfaces should be slashed perfectly prior to the commencement of plastering.

All the surfaces should be sprayed with water prior to commencement of plastering and sanctioned bonding agent on concrete surface.

The following points should be examined throughout plastering work :-

Scaffolding work (where the labors stand) should be checked properly.

Thiyyas/level dots should be examined for thickness. As for example, if the thickness of the plaster is 10 mm, then a dot made of cement should be provided on the wall and the plastering thickness should not go beyond that.

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The ratio of cement, mortar (sand & cement mixing), bulkage (moisture content in dry sand) of sand should be examined properly.

The density, line, level and plumb of plastered surface should be examined properly.

If any adhesive is used, it should be checked that weather it is included in the plaster or not.

If any chicken mesh (a metal lath to hold cement or plaster) at vertical and horizontal joints of RCC and masonry is used, it should also be checked.

Check to fill the scaffolding holes perfectly.

Curing work after adequate consolidation of plastered surface is performed and examined.

The company engineer and the engineer provided by the client should check this lists thoroughly.

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Some vital check lists for plastering work