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How to check the quality of bricks

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In this construction video, Sami Ullah, the renowned civil engineer, presents some useful construction tips for selecting standard quality of bricks in the construction site.

If you use good quality bricks, you can make your home will be stable with strong wall. So, it is recommended to examine the quality of bricks prior to use them in the construction site. Besides, poor quality bricks decreases load bearing strength of brick wall as well as impacts the appealing design of the building.

Given below the details :-

Bricks should be homogenous in shape, size and color.

The edges of the bricks should be sharp, straight and right angle.

The bricks should contain uniform texture.

The bricks should be from cracks, flaws, lumps of lime, lamination, air holes and any defect or stains. Broken surface of good quality bricks should come with consistent, compact and fine structure.

When a brick is stricken with another brick they should not be broken. Besides, a metallic ringing sound should be produced.

Good quality bricks should contain uniform color like red, cherry or copper-colored.

If the bricks are dropped from the height of 1.2 to 1.5 meter, they should be unbroken.

Crushing strength of good quality bricks shouldn't be under 3.5 N/mm2.

If bricks are scratched with thumb-nail, no marks should be appeared on good quality bricks to ensure its firmness.

Good quality bricks shouldn't break when dropped on ground on their flat face in a saturated state from about two feet height in a saturated condition. In this way we can be assured about its strength.

If the bricks are emerged in the cold fresh water for 24 hours, the water absorption capacity should not surpass 20% of its dry weight.

Video Courtesy: Civil Engineers

How to check the quality of bricks