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Download checklist for plastering in spreadsheet format

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Some useful tips for perfect plastering work in building. Given below, some useful points which should be taken into consideration for plastering work :

Prior to plastering, Verify Drg./ Number/ Date & Revision for all other service like electrical, plumbing etc., Safety access platform, Verify hacking/ Button marking / Mortar thickness, Arrangement of chicken mesh for conduits, column brick work joints & other, Formation of Surface - Remove moss/ efflorescence & Dampen Surface, Material stacked - Cement, sand at different locations, Prewetting of surface, Quality of Sand - screening silt, Verify the Beam, B/W joints packing with Nito Bond AR, Check for Door Frame Projections.

During Plastering:

Platform for mortar mixing on tray, Verify thickness/ level & line & right angle, Ratio of mix, Inclusion of water proofing compound.

Roughing of first coat in a proper way, Examine collection of mortar spills, Cleansing of dead mortar, Examine waviness, Examine grooves/ drip moulds, Use of cement slurry on concrete surface/Space for tile area, cutting for skirting area, Examine loft thickness and top surface in dead level W/Robe size.

Ater Plastering:

Curing water distribution toward different locations, Examine hollowness, Examine cracks, Examine plastering date for curing

Click on the following link to download the checklist sheet.

Download checklist for plastering in spreadsheet format