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How to study standard checklist of different types of construction works

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn how to retain the check list for different types of construction works like anti termite, form work, concrete, reinforcement, post pour, masonry, back filling etc.

Also learn how to fill up check lists and significance of points in check list.

Site Checklist is a useful tool that can be used for the following purposes :-

Quality control, Advancement of works, Contract administration, Purchasing methods, Site protection

In large construction sectors, the checklists are frequently utilized to maintain the reliability of processes across all projects under control.

In the video, a sample check list is provided with different heads like name of company, type of work to be done, project name, name of the client, report number, location of work (ground floor, first floor, water tank etc.), time taken for completion of work (start from and end at), report number, inspection date, reference number of drawing etc.

In body part, there will be three sections like serial number, description and check points. Under check points there are four heads like satisfactory, not satisfactory, not applicable and remarks.

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In description section, there will be following heads :-

PCC invert level, Formwork system, Construction/Expansion Joint Location, Cleanliness/Dressing, Lighting Agreement at night, Rain protection, Concrete pouring sequence, Concrete manpower availability, Equipment in working condition, Concrete ordered in advance (For RMC), Access to concreting site proper, Slump cone available, Grade of concrete (_N/mm2), Slump required (_mm), Others (Pls specify)

PCC invert level – When casting is done for PCC/Beam level or under footing, the level should not be incorrect as the RCC work above will not match and will become wrong. So, the level should be checked properly.

Form work System – Here, the quality of the shuttering should be checked properly. Check weather too old shuttering is provided, oiling to shuttering is done or not etc, the size and level of shuttering etc.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

How to study standard checklist of different types of construction works