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What is Circular Prestressing In Prestressed Concrete?

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Prestressing refers to a compressive force to the concrete to prevent the stresses which are caused by an applied load.

The purpose of Circular Prestressing is to specify the prestressing of circular structures like pipes and tanks where the prestressing wires are threaded in circles.

In linear prestressing” the cables remain either straight or curved, but not threaded in circles around a circular structure.

In several prestressed circular structures, prestress is provided in both circumferentially and longitudinally, the circumferential prestress is circular and the longitudinal prestress is linear.

Applications of prestressed concrete tanks?

Prestressed concrete tanks are extensively utilized for the storage of fluids, like water, oil, gas, sewage, granular materials like cement, process and liquids chemicals, slurries and more recently, cryogens.

The applications of prestressed concrete poles?

Prestressed concrete poles are presently mass produced and mostly found in railway power and signal lines, lighting poles, antenna masts, telephone transmission, low and high voltage electric power transmission and substation towers.

Benefits of prestressed concrete poles

The prestressed concrete poles provide the following benefits :

a) Protect from erosion in humid and temperate climates as well as in desert areas.
b) Safeguard from freeze – thaw in cold areas.
c) Due to light weight, it can be handled easily.
d) Clean and clear in appearance and maintenance cost is very low.

Benefits of Prestressed concrete Sleeper

The prestressed concrete sleeper contains a technical requisite for high-speed and heavy-density tracks from the point of maintainability of track geometry and riding comfort requirements.

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Categories of prestressed concrete sleeper

The prestressed concrete sleeper is categorized as follow :

a) Two block sleepers - These are attached by a pipe stuffed with concrete and having high tensile bars for compressing the concrete in the blocks.
b) Longitudinal sleepers - These are situated continuously under the rails and attached with flexible tie bars for gauge retention.
c) Beam type single piece prestressed concrete sleepers - These are same as the traditional wooden-type sleeper in shape, length and supporting area.

Two common failures of prestressed concrete tanks.

Common failures of prestressed concrete tanks are as follow :

a) Distortion of the pre-cast concrete units throughout construction.
b) Manufacturing defects led to out of tolerance units being supplied to the site under examination and may have impacted the strength to get a good seal.

Details About Circular Prestressing In Concrete