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Estimating Sheet

Civil Quantity Estimator – An exclusive app for civil engineer

Construction Software

Civil Quantity Estimator is a powerful estimating app that can ease the work of civil engineers for estimating quantities of numerous materials in a building.

Quantity estimations begin with structural components. Structural components comprises of the elements which are associated with internal structures like foundation, column, beams, steel, block work as well as finishing of the structure with plastering, painting, furniture etc. in the following phases like plastering, painting, furniture etc.

Initially, this app performs making estimation of different types of structural elements like column, beam, concrete wall and steel (Reinforcement).

The logic makes estimation of the concrete, surface area, forming area of different elements mentioned above.

Each Engineer who performs either at office or site, will get the ability to employ the function of this app for working out the above values instantly and precisely on the basis of the input.

The values which are achieved are dependent on the input values put by the end user.

To download this exclusive construction app, click on the following link Civil Quantity Estimator

This App can simplify the work of civil engineers because they can obtain the values instantly.

Civil Quantity Estimator – An exclusive app for civil engineer