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BrickControl - A handy cloud-based construction management software

Construction Software

BrickControl, a handy cost estimating software specifically designed for construction or home building. It is very user-friendly and helps the users to produce estimates quickly and efficiently. With its cloud based platform, the users can access information from any remote location.

This cost estimating software comes with multi-user solution, where information is distributed with several people concurrently, in proportion to the access permissions which organized for each person.

This construction management software can be utilized for estimating large construction projects as well as residential building projects. The users can arrange numerous nesting levels of the estimate.

BrickControl provides great benefits to small, medium, and large construction companies, architects and engineers, remodelers, construction managers, interior designers, cost controllers and financial departments, universities.

To make estimation simpler, the users can apply price databases to categorize each task with its equivalent resources. While generating a new estimate, the users will be able to import project information both from a price database and from another estimate just by replication and pasting it.

With BrickControl, the project planning (Gantt chart) and the project progress can be controlled in the required period of time. As soon as the project progress is placed in, BrickControl works outs the charge automatically to the customer and issues the invoice for the client.

All purchase orders, receipt of materials, invoices and timesheets associated with the administration department of the company can be handled efficiently. All data are linked to the project and resource to analyze variations of the projects in a convenient way. This helps the company to find out if they are making or losing money with a single project, making comparison between the predictable costs and the real costs.

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cloud-based construction management software
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