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How connection is provided among column and brick wall

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In this construction video tutorial, you will get some useful information on how the column and brick masonry wall are attached with each other through toothing. This construction video tutorial is specifically designed for fresh civil engineering students.

Normally while connecting a brick masonry wall with a column, a method known as ‘toothing out’ is employed. It entails eliminating alternate bricks to arrange a row of ‘teeth’ into which the new bricks are joined. But this method is laborious and therefore expensive as compared to modern fixing methods, and proper precautions should be undertaken to maintain a strong mortar bond among the bricks.

While inserting a new cavity wall to the prevailing building, wall starter kits are generally applied on the new inner leaf, even if ‘toothing out’ has been utilized on the exterior leaf, for simplicity.

Toothing is not as strong owing to the complexity related to perfectly filling and compacting the mortar for the full depth of the head and bed joints. Most part of the mortar at the tooth portion of the wall should be arranged by pointing the joints, and it becomes complicated to point the mortar in the back portion of the joints.

Consequently, these tooth joints are often defectively filled, and accordingly, a weak plane is to be formed among the wall that is prone to cracking.

Video Source: F&U-FORYOU

How connection is provided among column and brick wall