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Brief explanation of different components in a roadway

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This construction video tutorial is based on various components in a road.

In a road there are different types of components like sub-grade, sub-base, base and surfacing.

The drawing for the different components is also given in this video.

In this video, the deepness of sub-grade is 20 ft or 60 cm from water level in road section. The deepness of Sub-base is 7.5 cm to 15 cm.

The base is 15 cm. Here, the surfacing or topping is dependent on surface materials. Here shoulder and curve for the road is also given.

A shoulder alias hard shoulder belongs to emergency stopping lane by the perimeter of a road or motorway. The shoulder is normally little narrower except for a full traffic lane.

To get the full details, watch the following video.

Video Courtesy: Civil Engineers

Brief explanation of different components in a roadway