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Concrete Block Calculator – A useful tool for finding out the number of concrete blocks & bags of mortar

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Concrete blocks are cost-effective and popular building materials which can be utilized for several construction projects. These construction materials are best fit for building up the walls for foundation or utility buildings.

Generally, concrete blocks contain holes in the center to minimize the weight, required quantity of material and cost. The average concrete block is made of cement and coal ash. They are also known as cinder blocks.

Concrete blocks belong to concrete masonry units, or CMUs.

To determine the number of concrete blocks and bags of mortar require for your project easily by using concrete block calculator. Just provide the dimensions of the walls and block size and the concrete block calculator will work out the required numbers of blocks. Optionally, one can also include the price of the block to obtain the estimation for material price.

As for instance, a 10′x 10′ wall with a 16″x 8″x 8″ block will need an expected 120 blocks and cost will be approx $185 for material. While going to construct a retaining wall, apply retaining wall calculator ( A wall usually costs $10 – $15 for installation.

To work out how many blocks are required for a wall project, the preliminary step should be finding out the width and height of the wall, in inches.

As soon as the size of your wall is known, measure the square footage by multiplying the width (in feet) with the height (in feet). Now, work out the square footage of the block that will be used on site. The standard block size has width 16 inches and height 8 inches. Multiply 16×8 and then divide with 144 to obtain the result, i.e. (16*8)/144 = .89. Different size blocks will contain diverse square footages, employ the formula above to get the solution.

To find out the square footage of your block, utilize the square footage calculator.

Once the square footage of both your wall and your block is calculated, you can easily find out the number of blocks required by dividing the wall square footage with the block square footage, i.e. (wall ft2) / (block ft2). It is suggested to include 5%-10% additional blocks to take into account broken blocks or blocks to be cut for the edges.

To make estimate online with concrete block calculator, click on the following link

Concrete Block Calculator